Personal Challenge Final Blog!

This is the final blog about my personal challenge. By exercising during these weeks, I have learned how to make a nice looking and delicious Chiffon cake.

In week one, I made a plan about how to start to make a simple. By reading chapter2, I found “rewards and punishment” is the most effective way to help me improve my ability to make cake. I set some rewards when I worked well and punishment when I did really badly.

In week two, I was inspired by “experiential learning”, so that I decided to make cake without any help. I wanted to do it by trying and learning from experience and then I changed my mind because it was too hard for me. So, I searched the basic information about what materials I need and proportion of them. Then, I started my mission but totally failed.

In week three, according to reading, I gave me a goal, reach the second level of Solo Taxonomy. The higher level is unreal for me. Then I pointed out some questions followed by “objectives attend to taxonomy” to make the work more clearly. Later, I made a specific plan to ensure that I did well this time. Finally, I succeed this time.

In week four, I tried to make a cake with help from three different media, magazine, radio and video. It is also three basic way we study, read, listen and watch. I would tried to make a cake by three way and found which way is the most comfortable for me. The result is video is the best and the radio is the worst.

During these weeks, one big challenge for me is to connect the technology with my work. I can’t find out some really useful technology to help me with my small cake. Maybe a timer? Luckily, the reading is talking about media and technology. So, I can connect my work with media.

The second challenge is in week two. It is too hard for me to push my “experiential learning” work. When I have failed, I can’t ensure what is the exact mistake I made. It result that I can only guess whether what I have done is wrong or not and sometimes maybe I “correct” the right things I have done. It give me a lesson about that learning is never a thing we can do independently.

The last challenge for me is that I have never made a cake before. I am totally confused about what I should do and what next I should do. If I have made cakes before, and this time I just want to try a new type of cake, the work will be easier. Making cake is a really challenge for me.

One thing I did well is that even if the whole work for me is to make a cake, I have tried several ways to do it. This gives me a deeper feeling about making cakes.

Another thing I did well is that I push my work step by step. I do not force me to make a nice cake at the first week but do it at week three after many failure and studying. This is important.

Beside the project I review, I look through the work from group 11 (the topic is Health Information Science)

The form of out project is PPT, and the form of the project I review is website. They are also the forms I can think out. However, the form of gourp11 is more like an APP. Student studies by clicking the button and it will show the new information. It may give student a batter experience during studying. It makes the reading not too boring. They perfectly combine their project with technology. Also, they set some small quiz and learning experience for their student. The quiz is perfectly connect with that they teach. There is only one thing confused me. I can’t jump the session I am not interested. I can only start reading from page one and continue one by one. I am not sure if it is due to my wrong, or this App do not have this option. It is inconvenient for those who has studied the former part and just want to start from the later part.  

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