Interactive Learning Resource Peer Review

I will review the project of group 8. Their topic is Asian Studies/culture.

I will show my personal suggestion for each sub-topic

Sub-topic one:  Meaning, history and origin of Chinese tea.

This part tells me the background of Chinese tea clearly. I have learned much knowledge about Chinese tea.

Yet, perhaps you might consider that there are too many content from reference. Maybe you can add more personal words in this topic. Also, it seems to me that, even if most of learners can not read, but we are talking about Chinese tea, so, maybe add one or two Chinese citations or articles.

It seems to me that when post YouTube video, it is better to add the link or Website Address. I find there is no web address below the YouTube video which posted.

Sub-topic two:  Different types of Chinese tea 


In sub-topic two, it introduces four types of Chinese tea with perfect content cited in the first two types, non-fermented, and fermented Chinese tea, however, there is no citation in the last two type of Chinese tea. It seems to me that if you can cite each of Chinese teas when you define them, it is will be better.


This article clearly provide information about four main categories of making Chinese tea (non-fermented, fermented, semi-fermented, and post-fermented) and five types of Chinese tea (green, white, yellow, black and oolong). After reading the article, I am curious about that the medical or nutritional values for these four categories and what the category is for each of these five Chinese tea. It seems that if add some information about that, these two parts will have stronger relationship.

Sub-topic three:  How Chinese tea is reflected to Chinese culture

Maybe there are too many same meaning content repeated in the article. For example, the first three sentences in the first paragraph talk about the same thing. (I paste the first three sentences from the article. “This part is about the relationship between Chinese tea and Chinese religion, philosophy, and culture. First, we will introduce the definitions and content in the textbook. These contents will help students understand the relationship between Chinese tea and Chinese religion, philosophy and culture.”) Repeating also happened in the first paragraph on home page. Deleting the repeating sentences maybe make the article looks more succinct.

Correct me if I am wrong, I only find some introduction below this sub-topic. I do not find the explanation or more specific information about how Chinese tea influences the Chinese culture.

I tried my best to look for some links or button but I did not see it.

Maybe add more information about the topic or set clearer links will improve the article.

Sub-topic four:   Influence and importance of Chinese tea.

This part is same as sub-topic three. It looks more than a blueprint or proposal. The content talks about what the author will do but do not expand the point. Maybe expanding more about the point will make the article more constructive.


Add more information or complete the blueprint in sub-topic three and four will make the project more perfect. It seems to me that these two parts are the most important. They are the core of this topic.

There are many citation in sub-topic one or two, this makes the project more authority.

There are some grammar mistakes in the project but it does not influence too much we read the article.

Homework is the major activity the group member communicate with their student. Maybe add more types of activities rather than just answer question. For example, buy some green tea (very cheap in the supermarket), drink and share the feelings.

Group member do not leave information about email or website to make student possible to communicate with them.

The main technology the group member used is YouTube video. It works. However, maybe trying to make some videos by oneself could work better.

All in all, it is a very good project and I have learned a lot About Chinese tea. I hope you guys can make it more perfect.

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