The week 4 blogs

This is the week 4 blog. In the beginning, I have some personal opinions about technology and rich people. I will mainly talk about why there are so many technologies built by rich men and if these technologies mostly benefit rich people or go against average people.

First, the research and development of new technology require a lot of money — instruments, scientists, waste of materials after failure. If it does not get returned, people will have a lack of motivation to develop new technology.

The reason why these new technologies were invented by the wealthy team is that those who don’t have lots of money can’t support the development of new technologies. This is a helpless but inevitable fact.

Especially in modern society, new technology is no longer that a single person who can work hard for a long time can finish. New technologies require a team with sufficient expertise to work together. Moreover, developing new technology needs deeper expertise nowadays.

Therefore, only rich people can support the development of technology.

Let’s talk about the second topic. It is no doubt that rich people will benefit from R&D technology but will this exploit average people? I do not think so. No tendency, making money is only the result
Technology is a game between big companies, and patents are the way they play the game.
The rich do not benefit from average people due to the technology itself. They rely on products that use technology. Technology itself is expensive, but when it was turned into products, the price of the product generally has a certain degree of control for sales. The power to use the products is not that expensive. If average people are not satisfied with these products or feel not worth, they will not buy them. This is unacceptable for large companies that spend a lot of money on research.
Besides, competition always happens between those technology companies. It also depresses price effectively.
Finally, I believe that the way those technology companies make money relies on the number of sales, after-sales, and extensions instead of the unit price. So, to sales more products, those companies need to concede on price.
In conclusion, the research and development of new technologies need a lot of money. Those people who work on it need get returned. Also, it is hard for those rich people to get many benefits from average people due to technology directly. Technical exploitation generally occurs in between big companies.
The personal challenge of me is making a good cake. It is hard for me to connect this with the topic this week—technology and learning. Therefore, I write some personal opinions about the context of the week 4 article. Now, let me talk about the challenge.
According to the reading from this week, I am going to make my cake this way.
I will try a new type of cake with help from three different Media.
Magazine, radio, and video.
Then, I will compare the result and the working process to find which way for me is better.
The order of choosing these three ways may influence the result because I may get experience in the first and second times but, I can’t find a perfect way to remove the inequity. So, I will concentrate more on the process I feel rather than the products I made unless the difference is too big.
Additionally, I will record the process by my self-phone (technology). It is difficult for people to find mistakes during working. So, getting help from tools is an effective way. I will watch the video and correct mistakes to ensure I can succeed in a short time rather than what I did in the last few weeks.

I guess the best way for me is video and the worst one is the radio.

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