Personal Challenge week3

This is a new week for my personal challenge—make a good chiffon cake. This time, no failure has been allowed. Additionally, I am going to do the work following the reading materials.

First, clear the goal. The work this week is different from the last, I must succeed in making a good cake. It is no like that just try and records what has been happened.

Second, Solo taxonomy

Level1: no understanding, irrelevant information, misses point.

Level2: to identify, to do procedure, to recite,

Level3: to classify, to combine, to enumerate   

Level4: to relate, to compare, to analyze 

Level5: to generalize, to hypothesize, to theorize.

I am going to reach level2 this week and reach level3 at the end of this challenge. I know these two levels are surface learning but after the experience last week, I found making a good cake is a really hard work. I do not have enough time and confidence to rush to deep learning and to be an expert.

Third, the objectives => solo taxonomy. What I need to know about making a good cake is that.

  1. How do those materials (cream, sugar, water and salt) influence the result? Find a proportion that I think the best.
  2. By searching information online and asking help from my mom, I know that how to whip eggs is the most essential step for a soft and fluffy cake. So, I need to know the best way to deal with it.
  3. Even if menu tells me the right time and temperature for cooking but because of different oven and other reasons, it must be some difference. So, I need to find the right time and temperature by myself.

This my plan to make 6 inches cakes. We know that a good plan is very important for learning, so I will try my best to care about details.

  1. Prepare food materials, eggs 3, milk 35g, corn oil 30g, sugar 48g (18g for yolk, 30 for egg white), cake flour 50g, and white vinegar 2g.
  2. Separate the yolk and egg white
  3. Mix yolk, milk, corn oil, 18g sugar and flour together and stir.
  4. Whip egg white. Add remaining sugar. Keep whipping the egg and add 1/3 sugar every 1 minute until the egg white to be solid.
  5. Add solid egg white into yolk mixture. Add 1/3 each time and stir until we get a well- distributed combination.
  6. Bake 45 minutes at 150C in the middle of the oven.   

In the plan, whipping egg white of course is the hardest part. I will pay more attention to this step. One difficulty probably is that I can’t get solid egg white after whipping. So, I search many materials about how to whip eggs and combine the essential points they mention.

Also, like what I mentioned before, I have different oven from others’. So, I need to keep watching the bake process and adjust the time and temperature by myself.

If I still fail, I need to check all steps one by one and restart rather than guess what maybe influence the result.

If I check all the steps and the problems still can’t be solved, try another menu is the plan B.

I think this plan will help me to make a good cake.

By looking through this plan, I think what I have done last week is more like a joke. I will never succeed if I do not ask for helps.

Let’s back to the reading materials.

In my case, I am both student and teacher. So, I am exactly know what does “student” think during the work. So, I will follow the learning materials guide, give me more motivation to do the work rather than only focus on the failure. Luckily, only focus on “what student are” (the level1 teaching) will not happen to me, I will concentrate on what I have done and what else I can do to improve the work.

One thing I must mention, last week, I thought that the reasons I failed were time and temperature. But, duo to searching and asking, I find that how to whip eggs perfectly is actually the most important part. It teaches me that learning by doing is a very good way to study. However, we can’t reject help from others. “Experiential learning” is good but the more important thing is that when you try this kind of studying, you’d better look for a good teacher to correct your mistakes or follow a professional guide especially when you work on an unfamiliar field.  

By the way, I can’t imagine whipping eggs is such a complex work, So, I post a link here which teaches people how to whip eggs perfectly. I hope it can help every person who is troubling in whipping eggs like me.

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