Hello, everyone. My name is RenyuZheng; you can also call me Burton. I am very happy studying with you guys in this class. I am an economic student. I like playing badminton and if anyone wants to find a badminton fan who is not very good at and bad at it, that is me, just email me; I am free on weekend. I am a foodie, if you guys know any good restraint in Victoria and Vancouver, please just tell me, that means a lot for me.

Learning Experience

This is the second time I take online studying course. The first experience encourages me to try this type of study more. So, I want to the share my first online studying experience. I take EDCI 339 on September semester last year. To be honest, that course takes me a lot of problems. Sometimes, I can’t find URL the instructor let me to read, sometimes I miss a few small assignment which is not very obvious, also I miss up one deadline of an assignment once. All these problems happened at the early time of that course. It makes me think about if it is wrong for me to choose online course because I definitely can’t deal with this kind of studying style. However, I do not give up this course and keep doing better. At last, I find I am fall in love with it. As long as you can manage your time correctly, you will find online studying is pretty good. You can organize your time and work by yourself freely. Perhaps, I will try my third online studying course next term.

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