The first learning Challage

The first personal learning challenge I want to do is “making a cake”. Of course it is not a big birthday cake but I will try my best to make it good. I have read Chapter2: The nature of knowledge and the implications for teaching. I will explain how some of them help me with my challenge plan. But before doing this, I want to share some personal opinion about the connectivism because I do not agree with part of this theme. In the article, it says “The pipe is more important than the content within the pipe”. If there is no pipe there, knowledge exists and has meaning itself however, if there is no knowledge, what is the pipe use for? In my opinion, what in the pipe is 100% more important than pipe. Does internet change the way we study? I think no. How we study without internet? Read, listen and speak. How we use internet study? Read. Listen and speak. Internet just convenient us to get the knowledge. If the internet could help us transmission knowledge into our brain directly; that calls new way to study. Also, I agree internet is important for us to study but is it such an indispensable tool for us to study like some people emphasize? I think controversy exists.

Let’s talk about the learning challenge now. I think the most useful way to encourage me to achieve my goal is the “rewards and punishment” from Behaviourists. By the way, making a good cake is not an easy job especially making it fluffy. My sister tried to make a nice cake but at last she failed. The goal of me is at least succeed once. I will separate “making cake” into several steps and set some tiny rewards or punishment when each step succeeds or fails. When I fail to do the same step one more time, I will punish more seriously. No way will make me avoid keeping making mistake unless more punishment. Besides this, follow the guide carefully is also important. I need to select the menu from authority book or website. Also, I will not change any steps from the menu and any meterage of the source I use. Personal opinion is quite useless during the cake making experience. I will pretend me a cake machine. Additionally, I will own up to my mistakes while making cake, no excuse. Judge what I have done correctly.

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